Product FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why choose Ocean Fresh “Tahong Chips?”

FAQ in Ocean Fresh “Tahong Chips” is the newest snack from green mussels’ meat, seasoned with the choice of flour, special spices and with no added preservatives. Ocean Fresh product chips is packed with specially-made (Arengga) vinegar, ready to eat or as a food variant for any recipe.

Most importantly, Tahong Chips is rich in iron, iodine, calcium and a great alternative for commercial junk foods. The rich-tasting and crunchy chips are ideal for snacks, side dish, toppings or for use in any health food recipe.

Because Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips is an ideal pasalubong or food-gift by our balikbayans to their relatives and friends abroad, that is, for them to share the taste of our own Pinoy delicacies.

How can you be assured of our quality?

FAQ is our unique tahong chips passed the strictest quality control and highest requirement of cleanliness and food safety standards by BFAD. Our product is a member of Philippine Unique Products and Traders Association (PUPTA), Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Cavite, PHILEXPORT and recognized by the Likhang-Kabitenyo Foundation. We have been participating and being invited to various food trade fairs and unique product presentations in many food-technology fora.

Therefore, these accreditations and recognitions attest our commitment to quality and excellence of our product. Our factory is open to our partners for their inspection as we are always granted the Municipal Safety and Health Standards permit for our passion for delivering safe and clean food produce.

The crunchiness and flavor are ensured to last for longer periods of time. Dissatisfaction never occurred in our business operations because we always deliver the freshest and the newest tahong chips to our partner establishments. We periodically check our stocks to our partners and replace them even before the shelf-life period of our tahong chips expires.

How do you profit from us?

Another FAQ is we want your partnership with us as profitable as possible. We will offer you big discount rates and specially discounted price tailored-fit for your market needs. We will offer you the following package:

• We can negotiate with the percentage or commission based on gross sales of our products;
• We can provide you with a special Caterer’s package or Wholesale Distributor price;
• Provide us with a space to display our kiosk to offer our special Tahong Chips;
• Other package or agreement suitable to your business needs;

Should you be interested in us, we will provide you with free product presentation and free taste samples and complete package of your choice.

How do we sell Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips?

We can display our product in a kiosk in your establishment. We can agree that you take a percentage based on our gross sales or any agreeable terms and conditions of sale, beneficial to both of us with no or less hassle on your part.

We have product varieties such as Crispy Tahong, Lumpiang Tahong, Adobong Tahong and other food varieties. We also offer malunggay chips, kalabasa chips, carrot chips, ampalaya chips and other vegetable chips.

What do we expect from our partner-establishments?

Our product has a long shelf-life. The crunchiness and flavor will remain the same within and even beyond the stated shelf-life. We could provide a saleslady to take care of the products. Inventory of the products should be done in front of your representative to validate the correctness of the inventory. All products sold out should be given a certain percentage to be remitted in your establishment. The percentage given to your establishment is computed from the gross sales.

Besides that should you agree, we would also expect that you will provide us with your events and functions so we can present our product to many customers and introduce them to our native delicacies?

Because we can also come up with convenient terms and conditions and our mutual expectations to enrich and enhance our business pursuits.

How do you contact us?

You can contact us for product evaluation, free sample, product presentation or inquiries at Telefax: (63-46) 434-76-49 (Bing Angeles)
Telephone No. (63-46) 683-59-95; (63-46) 434-18-24
Mobile Nos. 0998-571-8629 or 0922-849-5713
Email us: bing.angeles@ymail.com
website: www.tahongchips.com
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FAQ in Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips product
FAQ in Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips product