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OCEAN FRESH TAHONG CHIPS is a single proprietorship company that has processed sea-based product especially tahong (Asian green mussels). It’s all natural because we don’t put preservatives or additives. It’s an excellent alternative to junk food. Because of OCEAN FRESH TAHONG CHIPS has enjoyed it with organic spiced (Arengga) vinegar as a snack, appetizer with their favorite drinks, a side dish to enhance their meals or just simply enjoy it by itself.

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OCEAN FRESH TAHONG CHIPS is alternative for commercial junk foods

As a leader to an alternative for the commercial junk foods, from green mussels’ meat, seasoned with a choice of flour, special spices and with no added preservatives. It is packed with specially-made (Arengga) vinegar, ready to eat or as a food variant for any recipe.

Because OCEAN FRESH TAHONG CHIPS is an ideal gift by our OFW to our relatives and friends abroad, that is, to share the taste of our own Filipino delicacies.

Therefore, this is an ideal food-gift and has gained great popularity among our OFW. It is rich in iron, iodine, calcium and is a great alternative to commercial junk foods. It is ready to eat but may also be used as an additive to any recipe. – Cavite info

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License to operate as a food manufacturer
License to operate as a food manufacturer