Crispy Tahong



Crispy Tahong

Crispy Tahong (Deep-Fried Asian green mussels) is a well-known ocean food appetizer in Bacoor because it has flavorful ingredients. It is also cheaper and affordable at 180 pesos only per 100 grams. Because it is easy to serve and ready to eat so everyone at the party enjoys it with drinking beer. I suggest you have it and try it now.

Besides that, it is available in 100g at a suggested retail price of Php 180. Therefore, this is also available in wholesale price which is 10 packs per packaging at 150 pesos only offered by Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips.

Crispy Tahong in 100g at SRP of 180 pesos only
Crispy Tahong in 100g at SRP of 180 pesos only

More About Cavite Info for Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips

Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips is a single proprietorship company that processes sea-based product. It’s the most popular product is the Tahong Chips (Asian green mussels) which is made from green mussels’ meat, seasoned with flour and special spices but with no added preservatives. Please visit us in our Facebook Page and click Cavite Info for the details.

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