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Tahong Chips

Tahong Chips is rich in iron, iodine, and calcium. An excellent alternative to junk foods. Ocean Fresh chips are a healthy snack food rich in iron, iodine, and calcium, alternative for junk food. Best gift for your friends and relatives abroad.

Because this chip is a popping snack produced using steamed tahong (Asian green mussels), cornstarch, salt, seasoned with flour, and special spices flavoring. It is cut into nibble measure strips in ocean delightful taste, sweet-smelling and firm surface. Because this chip is nutritious, easy to share with our friends.

Available in different grams in a great price!
45g = Php 22
100g = Php 60
200g = Php 100

Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips 100g
Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips 45g
Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips 100g
Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips 100g

Blog by It’s Me Bluedreamer

Located near the garden of Aguinaldo Shrine is a small shop for souvenirs! Mr. Valer Velez (hope I got his name correctly) was the person in charge at that time and he warmly welcomed us in his small souvenir shop. We got the opportunity to talk to him and to tell us something about the shrine. He’s really approachable! – It’s Me Bluedreamer


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