Crispy Tahong as best beer buddies?

When you heard crispy tahong, what is getting in your mind? Is it a snack that you can be enjoyed it during your snack time? Yet, it can be made of any nourishment flavor that can satisfy your traditional taste of snacks at lessened to a thin, fresh shape.

How about tried it as your pulutan (appetizer) with your favorite branded Beer? The brewed beer has a bonfire put for that nighttime when you simply relax to toss your feet up and bring some close companions with you to enjoy the day of your free time. Because when I tried this crispy tahong with a dip of Sinamak in Kaong Vinegar for a beer party is an exotic pulutan (appetizer) I’ve been experienced that I’ve really enjoyed it at my free stress time. As I’ve tried this crispy tahong as my beer buddies. It’s been committed as one of my favorite crispy pulutan (appetizer) today.

Therefore, crispy tahong brings closer to you as you enjoy the day of your relaxation. A plateful snack in my free time and on my list. It got an exquisite upgrade in a step further by pairing it with my favorite beer. This classic combo can make no mistake.

Crispy Tahong as your beer partner?
Crispy Tahong as your beer partner?